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Introducing Senorita App, your premier destination for seamless salon appointments. We're at the forefront of reshaping India's expansive salon industry with our innovative mobile application. Established in 2022, our mission is to redefine how you book salon services, ensuring you experience the pampering you deserve with utmost ease. Our dedicated team is committed to infusing innovation and convenience into your beauty routines, providing you with a diverse array of salon options right at your fingertips through our user-friendly mobile app. Join the Senorita App community today and transform your salon experience.


Company statistics

  • 50+

    Makeup Artist (MUA)

  • 250+

    Beauty Salons

  • 500+

    Bridal Enquiries

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Our Mission

At Senorita App, our mission is straightforward – to empower both salon owners and customers. We are dedicated to offering a seamless platform where salon businesses can flourish by connecting with a wider audience, while customers benefit from a convenient and cost-effective experience. Our goal is to make beauty accessible, dependable, and delightful for all.


Our Vision

Our vision at Senorita App is to transform the landscape of salon services booking in India. We imagine a future where every salon visit is seamless, and customers can effortlessly explore and schedule appointments with their preferred salons through our platform. Our goal is to establish unprecedented levels of quality by advocating for technology-driven solutions that enable salon owners to broaden their clientele and enhance their enterprises. We envision a future where accessing desired beauty services is simple for everyone, while simultaneously fostering the growth of local salons, all made possible through the Senorita App.